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Playing pool is a longstanding American tradition that we support! That’s why we offer top of the line Coin Operated Pool Tables that players love. All our quality pool tables are tournament certified and everyone will recognize their professional quality. Each coin operated pool table accepts both coins and dollar bills so that everyone will have the chance to play!

Our pool tables for sale come from top of the line manufacturers and the difference in quality is obvious. Our top of the line pool tables incorporate all the latest features in the industry into one amazing table that will keep your players coming back for more and more. Not only are our commercial pool tables made from top of the line materials to provide unparalleled game play, but they are also equipped with features to help your business most effectively. The battery operated bill collectors can be programmed for league play, timed play, happy hour bonuses and much, much more! We have the tools and experience to keep everyone in your business satisfied.

Reliable Table Maintenance!

We at Southern Games pride ourselves on ensuring that our coin operated pool tables continue to provide competitive game play. Technicians will periodically refurbish the tops and rails of each pool table to ensure they are all playing to their fullest potential.