The Largest Gaming Arcade Supplier

in Middle Tennessee

Southern Games, Inc. is the largest gaming arcade supplier in Middle Tennessee. We began supplying excellent games and excellent service in 1969. As new amusement arcade games innovations have been introduced to the gaming industry, we have maintained our focus on the cutting edge and have continued to be top leaders in our coin operated arcade games industry for over 40 years!

We pride ourselves on offering the most current amusement arcade games, crane redemption and touch screen games available with the ability and knowledge to tailor them to your customer’s needs and desires. We also maximize floor space to provide the best entertainment space possible. Creating a great gaming arcade environment for two games or two hundred takes a lot of experience and talent; we have both and are ready to serve you.

Gaming Arcade Management Team

Our management team has two members who have completed the Notre Dame continuing education program designed specifically for the amusement game industry. We are also proud to have a former AMOA past president as well as past AMOA director on our management team. Our contributions to the gaming industry reach far beyond our service area. Our team has contributed to several industry seminars and publications. We firmly believe that investing in the industry we serve and the communities we serve is the only way to do business!


Our management team has over 60 years of experience in the amusement game industry and is assisted by the most up to date computer system for monitoring trends in the market place as well as individual games in each location. This system assists us in designing a program to achieve maximum revenues for each location. Our entire service team is committed to the customer and we are committed to EXCELLENCE in everything we do!

If you would like to join the Southern Games valued customer club and experience our gaming arcade excellent service, please email us
or call 1-800-240-8330, and let us begin a lasting relationship with you today!