Over 1 MILLION songs!

We recognize that everyone has different musical tastes. That’s why we offer top of the line Coin Operated Juke Boxes with over 1 Million songs for your patrons to choose from. Whatever they want…whenever they want! Along with an incredible music selection, our coin operated Juke Boxes use state of the art lighting to guarantee that everyone will take notice and are more convenient to use than ever. Our commercial Juke Boxes accept both cash and credit cards to ensure that all your patrons will have the opportunity to dance the night away.

We have Jukes Boxes made to fit every location. If you are looking for a trendy commercial Juke Box that will make everyone stop and take notice, then NGX Internet Jukebox is for you. The NGX has a sleek and modern look that is accentuated by the three color options (red, green and blue) it is available in. The lighting on this Juke Box can be adjusted to the needs of each business and can even be set to flash to the beat of the music.

Wireless Juke Boxes

All internet Juke Boxes feature wireless capabilities so that your patrons can have access to an infinite playlist of music!

Use the mobile app to play the Juke Box from your phone!