As the large chain restaurants opt in for table-top tablet games, one might think the demand for coin-op games is lessening — but the stats show the need — and opportunity is still worthwhile as guests and businesses alike benefit from gaming opportunities.

The sense of nostalgia associated with coin op games drives a revenue sharing opportunity between Southern Games and business owners alike who want to keep customers in house longer and also provide a form of entertainment that is family friendly and addictive (really … one quarter rarely ends at one quarter).

From 2015-2020, the arcade, food & entertainment complexes have grown more than 5% year over year in revenue — with a projection of reaching $3 billion this year. With more than 7,000 businesses in the US counting this industry as their main revenue stream (Dave and Busters being the largest), this steady growth is encouraging expansion and spawning smaller businesses to see what they can do to get in on the action. Revenue sharing opportunities are an easy way to test the waters of how your customers react to gaming opportunities and whether or not it fits into your business growth plans.

Depending on the space you have to dedicate to entertainment opportunities, a small space can easily be turned into a place hosting retro arcade games, pool and/or air hockey tables or even something like a photo booth or dance machine.

A 5’x5’ space is sufficient for an upright coin-op machine and it’s a great place to start. Southern Games offers revenue share opportunities to businesses either exploring or expanding their entertainment offerings in house.

These arrangements make it easier for a proprietor to find a spot for a game, make a phone call and then let a gaming expert do the rest. It takes away the burden of maintenance and also the upfront costs and commitment of having to pick and stick with just a single game.

Revenue share allows you to talk to a vendor and decide what type of piece will fit the space, your establishment’s vibe and your businesses’ demographics. You can then reassess and switch out games and bring in new ones to expand your space with the promise of a technician only a call away when trouble arises.

What is the earning potential? Conservatively, a single, well-placed game can clear you anywhere from $100 – $300 a month — but the extras in table time or drinks while a customer stays in your establishment easily magnifies that number.

Your well-placed game not only becomes a way to pass the time while food is being prepared but it also becomes after-dinner entertainment so mom and dad can have a glass of wine over dessert and allows parents to share their favorite gaming experiences with their kids.

And a game can inspire significant buzz — especially on social media (start your own hashtags or try a few personalized gaming high score Snapchat filters!) There are still so many opportunities in gaming outside of at-home consoles and mobile games. Bring a little of it into your establishment and you’re sure to reap the rewards.