“A Man Cave is a room or space (As in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies or gaming.”

Seriously … Thank you Google. I feel so much smarter now.

We are way beyond wanting to know what a Man Cave is, right? We’re at the point where we want to conceptualize the perfect space … decide what goes with our decor … and choose the perfect furniture.

Wait … 

Do I hear laughter? Yeah there are some of us out there who just want a space of our own with our favorite things — forget the rest. We will eventually get there. But for now, this is Man Cave 101 and we just want to get started. 

Heck, throw a few lawn chairs on the floor, give me a flat screen, a floor lamp and a few of my favorite coin-op games and it’s all good. It speaks more to the true meaning of ‘man cave’ and the humble beginnings of the phrase than a room put together by some designer who’s never played a coin-op game in his/her life.

But seriously. What should every single man cave have in it?

But whether you’re a guy trying to make sure all the bases are covered or a significant other just trying to come up with some ideas, you have to have a starting place. 

And here it is.

5 Basics Every Man Cave Should Have

The Space: There is this conception, a Man Cave has to be something separate from everything else. Well, this is ideal of course. But sometimes, it’s just not possible. But that doesn’t mean a small space in a home — whether it be a 5×5 corner or an entire basement can’t be ‘his space.’

Come on ladies. You get the kitchen. You get the dining room, the living room, the bedroom and the bathrooms. We don’t even have to talk about all the inbetweens — (yes, hallways need decorating, too apparently). Let the guys have a corner if that’s all there is.

Whether it’s an entire room or a small space, carve it out — free it from florals, candles, diffusers and fluffy pillows. A corner space is perfect for his favorite coin-op game and seriously, it’s fun for the whole family. 

If you have an actual room — well great! Let’s start filling it (but first … seriously … remove all the flowery stuff).

The Recliner: It’s a must and can also be a big-ticket item. But it doesn’t have to be. Comfy recliners can be found in Facebook Marketplace, second-hand stores and even by looking in your area for local curb alerts! With a little upholstery shampoo it’s as good as new and the budget hasn’t been blown on seating. If you do have some room, extra seating is nice too — but not a beginner must. Throw some bean bags on the floor or a few of those throw pillows … we can make it work.

The TV: TVs are highly personal items for the men in your life. So … we won’t presume to guess what’s best as we doubt the old 13-inch in the garage will do anything but cause a bitter fight. What we will say though … make sure it isn’t shaped like a box and has a remote … that’s all we’re saying. 

The Fridge: It can be a small 6-pack fridge or even a dorm size works perfectly. Again, these can be purchased new online or in store at Wal Mart and don’t break the budget.  

Favorite Coin-Op Game: Think about the best games from your teens and choose 1 for small spaces — or even a coin-op that has multiple games to choose from. Seriously. No man cave is complete without it. 


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