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Vending Games
Superior Service...Superior Quality!

Southern Games, Inc. is a full service coin operated arcade games company. We install, service, maintain, and repair vending games we place in your business at no cost to you! We partner with your business to help you generate extra revenue and turn your location into a destination of fun! All you do is provide the space for the machines and then watch as customers and revenue roll in!

Our experienced service team will determine what the needs of your business are and custom tailor game selection and room layout to provide maximum entertainment and revenue for your business. We provide fully stocked prize counters filled with the latest trends in toys and electronics for each location with redemption games. Our exceptional team will also monitor earnings and game play to ensure that profits remain high and that your customers are receiving the highest quality of game play. We are always on call to repair games and we provide you with the newest releases in coin operated games. You can trust the quality of our service!

Vending Games - For Personal Use as Well!

On top of our business partnerships, we also sell and rent vending games for personal use. We are experts at helping you set up your own home arcade room. We offer a wide selection of new and well maintained used games for personal use. We invite you to call us today to begin your home arcade game collection or to discuss rental options.

Who We Serve

We supply great coin operated arcade games and great service for a wide variety of businesses including the following:

- Family Fun Centers

- Bowling Centers

- Restaurants

- Convenience Stores

- Truck Stops

- Sports Bars

- Retail Centers

- And Many More!

Call us today to see how we can work together to grow your business or enhance your home with vending games.