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Arcade Game Machine Products

There is no better way to liven up your business than with our state of the art arcade game machine products. Your patrons will have hours of fun taking on the competition as they race through exotic locations all over the world on your coin operated arcade games. Not to mention the excitement as they get lost in the thrill of the hunting season and try to become a pro buck hunter. There is no end to the fun that classic video arcade games can provide for your establishment and with our unbeatable selection of arcade video games for sale, your patrons will keep coming back for more and more!

Our great arcade game machine selection provides various themes and sports that will resonate with every patron who enters your business. For someone seeking the fast paced thrill of racing we offer a wide selection of different racing games ranging from children’s racing games to the best selling racing game “Fast and Furious Drift.” Every racing fan will find a game to fit their taste and style. We offer a wide selection of “beat em up” games that allow the hero inside to take down the bad guys of the world. For those who would prefer to shoot down the competition, we have a variety of shooting games like Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Hunter Open Season, and Big Buck Hunter Safari.

Arcade Game Machine Products
Variety of Classic Arcade Games

We also supply businesses with a variety of classic arcade games that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. One of our most popular classics is the 25th anniversary edition Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga that has the look and feel of the original game with updated graphics and game play. Other popular classic video arcade games we offer are Double Donkey Kong and Defender/Defender II. With all these video arcade machines and more, there is no question that everyone will find a game to call their own.

So, if you are looking for an arcade video game rental partner that can not only provide you with state-of-the-art video arcade machines, as well as the best arcade game machine service then call us today. Video arcade machines are an offering that can add to your bottom line.

At Southern Games, we pride ourself on both the quality of our coin operated arcade games and the exceptional service that we offer our customers.